Inductiv is empowering humans to understand their work lives.

Our Aim

Inductiv creates software that is grounded by two key pillars: people first and business smart. We recognize that people are the true future of work and by empowering them, we bring tremendous business value to all our customers.

Our flagship solution enables organizations of any size to operate at peak performance by providing actionable experience optimization queues for individuals and teams. By illuminating the observed factors that make individuals tick, Inductiv enables employees and business leaders to amplify positive motivating factors and mitigate or eliminate negative triggers. The resulting optimized experiences provide marked value to HR professionals, team leaders, executives, and individual employees – and the business.


Allan Bunch
Chris Choyce
John Merlino

Inductiv was incubated within VaynerX, where we architected and built a suite of tools for all employees.

These tools helped sustain the company's culture, increase team communication, and provided leaders with deep business insights. As a result, we helped VaynerMedia scale staff to over 700 (13x increase) and increase revenue to over $140m.